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Dr. Thomas Penfold

Thomas Penfold


Biography: Thomas Penfold was appointed Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry in September 2015.
He completed his PhD at the University of Birmingham under Dr Graham Worth studying Nonadiabatic Dynamics
of molecules in the gas phase. Following this he moved to the Switzerland, initially at the EPFL Lausanne and then the 
Swiss Hard X-ray Free Electron Laser project at the Paul Scherrer Institute,  to work on the the theory of time-resolved
X-ray spectroscopy and scattering under Prof. Majed Chergui.  His research focuses upon developing and exploiting methods
for simulating and understanding excited state dynamic, especially in the constext of  understanding of ultrafast
intersystem crossing (ISC) dynamics. He also works extensively with experimental groups performing time-resolved spectroscopic
studies and uses his simulations to interpret these experiments.