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    Next-Generation OLEDs
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    Next-Generation OLEDs
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    Next-Generation OLEDs
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    Next-Generation OLEDs

Prof. Andy Monkman

 prof Andy Monkman


Professor Andy Monkman obtained his PhD (London) in 1987 and has run the OEM research group at the
University of Durham since then, focussing on the study of the optical properties of organic semiconductors, and OLED devices.
The research group has a sophisticated array of spectroscopic techniques ranging from 15 fsec time resolved laser measurements to
the ability to study the weakest phosphorescent processes. Many dedicated spectroscopic techniques have been developed for the study
of triplet exciton dynamics, triplet annihilation processes and thermally activated delayed fluorescence, in organic materials.
We are currently focused on understanding the mechanism that drive TADF.